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Pages are a part of the website that can be processed via the front-end as well as back-end. The front-end is mainly suitable for small adjustments and layout. The back-end is mainly suitable for writing longer texts and adding and arranging.

This manual is about managing pages in the back-end. The subjects are:

Open the page list

Open the menu/page list by clicking on the pin "Pages and menu". If this pin is not available on your start screen, you can add it by using the list of popular pins.

The page / menu list

Once in the page module you see the list of pages. By moving your mouse over the pages, the options that are available per page appear on the right. By clicking on the line of a page you go directly to the editing page for the page in question.

There is an arrow for some pages. Clicking on this arrow shows the list of pages that fall under this page.

Edit page content

If you click on a line in the list of pages you will take you to the form for editing that page. The adjustments you make here will not be processed until you click Save.

The number and type of fields can vary per website. In general, the fields are shown as shown in the exampe image.

The content of the website can be made up in the text editor. More information about the works and the options of the text editor can be found in the manual for the text editor.

Inline help

What is the difference between a menu label and a title? We understand that not all fields are immediately clear. That is why the fields come with an inline help explanation. By clicking on the help button, an explanation of the relevant field appears right from the form.

If you edit the next field, the explanation will change. So on the right you always see the explanation of the field you are currently editing.

Optimize for Google

If you edit a page, there is a separate tab where you can edit the SEO information. The SEO information is additional information that Google uses to be able to read the page properly.

If you click on a field, the explanation on the right is shown. This explanation helps you to fill in the fields correctly.

At the bottom right you see how the page might look like if you search for it in Google. This makes it easier to fill in the text so that the page looks correct in the Google results.

In addition to this information, Google uses the content of the page to determine on which words this page should be found. You can read how to optimize the content of the page for Google in the manual on optimizing your texts for Google.

Add a page

If you hold the mouse over the blue bar oven to the list of pages, a few buttons appear on the right-hand side of the bar. With the plus button you add a page. After you click on the plus button, the form for a new page opens.

You can not directly enter the SEO information for a new page. To do this you first have to save the page and then edit it again.

The new page is added to the bottom of the list of pages. You can drag it in the right place later.

Add subpages

It is also possible to add pages that go into the submenu of another page. Hold the mouse above the page you want to add a page to. A number of buttons will then appear on the right. The plus button gives you the possibility to add a page that will apear in the submenu of this page.

Adjust order

To put a page in a different position in the list you can simply drag it. Click with the mouse on the line and keep it pressed. Now drag the page up and down to the desired position with the mouse.

It is also possible to add a page to the submenu of an existing page. This is only possible if that page already has a submenu. First open the list with subpages of the relevant page. Then drag the page that you want to create a subpage from in this list.

Conversely, it is also possible to make a normal page from a subpage. For this you just have to drag a page to the right position.

Delete a page

To remove a page, hold the mouse over the page you want to delete. On the right, a number of buttons will appear. Click on the trash can to delete the page. After you click on the trash a question apears asking you if you really want to delete the page. If you click on delete here, the page will actually be deleted.

Deleting a page can not be reversed!