Add a pin to your start screen

This manual shows different options on adding a pin to your start screen.

New pin button

On the top right corner on your start screen are two buttons: remove pin and add pin. Click on the add pin button to open the list of default pins.

Add a pin from the list

After clicking on the add pin button you will see a list of options for adding a pin. The list is based on the available features within your website. Every pin is a short description of what the pin will make available to you.

Test the pin

Not sure what one of the pins does? Then click on "test pin" link. The screen that the pin will lead to is shown. With the back button of your browser takes you back to the overview of popular pins.

Add the pin

After clicking on a pin in the list of options the start screen re-apears. Move your mouse over the screen to select a spot to place the new pin. Click on this position to add the pin.

Pin every screen

Next to selecting a pin from the list of pins, you can pin every screen you've openend. To pin a screen you can use the pushpin icon next to the screen title. After clicking the start page re-apears. Click on the position you want the new pin. After placing the pin you will be redirect back to your original screen.