Write search engine friendly texts

Almost every websites succes now depends on how well it scores in Google. That is why it is important to pay attention to the search engine friendliness when writing texts. This is less complicated than it sounds.

Planning is everything

If you are going to write the text for a page, think first of what the page is really about. Take one or two keywords that describe the core of the page. This word (or words) should regularly return to the page. This makes it easier for Google to determine on what type of searches this page should score well.

We call the chosen word the keyword in the remainder of this manual.

Keyword in the title

Make sure the keyword appears in the title of the page. This is the first place Google looks for keywords.


The second place Google searches for keywords are the headlines in the text. So if you have a fairly long text, use a Heading 2 regularly to indicate what the next part of the text is about. This also makes it easier for the visitor to read a long text. How to insert a Heading 2 can be read in the manual on the text editor.

It is therefore good to have the keyword back in these intermediate heads. This does not have to be in every cup. The text must remain logical and easy to read. Have you chosen a second keyword? Then these intermediate heads are also a good place to put them back in.

Bold and enumerated
After the headlines, Google looks at the texts that are in bold or in lists. These have more value for Google than regular text. So in some places you can make keywords bold or return in summaries. But again only if this is logical within the text. Always make sure the text stays legible! You can read how you make text in bold or make summaries in the manual on the text editor.

Google only searches text. What is in a picture Google can not (yet) take as content for the page. That is why it is important to give the image an alternative name. Here you explain to Google what the image is about. How to set the alternatives name for images, you can read in the manual about the text editor.

The alternative name for an image is also important for the blind and visually impaired. The software for this target group often has a reading function. This can tell what the image is about, provided the alternative name has been entered.

Other text
Of course it is also important to have the keyword come back regularly in the other text. If it's okay this can be quite natural because the page is about this text. Note that you continuously use the same word and the same way. For example, avoid falling into jargon. How often you have used the word you can check with the search function of the text editor.

Links to the page
Links to the page are at least as important to Google as the text on the page itself. Is another page relevant to the visitor? Then create a link in the text to that page. Examples of this can also be seen on this page. Please note that you put the keywords for that page in the link itself. Not:

You can read how you write search engine friendly texts here.


You can read how you write search engine friendly texts in the manual about search engine friendly texts.

Enter other Google information
In addition to the text in the page, you can also enter the information for Google yourself. You can read how to provide this so-called SEO information in the manual about the pages.