Manage files and folders

Clicking on the pin "Files and folders" takes you to a screen where you can mange you files and folders. These files can then be used in the front-end editor and in texts written in the back or front-end.

The topics in this manual are:

Open the file list

By clicking on the pin "Files and folders" you open a screen in which you can manage your files and folders. If the pin is not available on your start screen you can add it by using the popular pin list.

File list

The screen lists all folders and files that are present in the system. Clicking on the arrow next to a folder displays all folders and files stored in that folder.

New files or folders

If you want to add new files or folders, keep your mouse on the blue bar above the list. Additional buttons appear on the right. With the plus button you go to the page to add new files and folders.

Upload files

If you have clicked the plus button, a form will be displayed to upload new files. Click the orange button labeled "Add file(s)" to select files from your computer for upload. You can select multiple files to upload.

Once you have selected the files, you will see each file in the window. A green check mark appears to the right of the name if the file has been uploaded. Once all files have been uploaded, this screen closes and you we be redirected back to the file list.

Add a folder

Above the box to add files is an option to create a folder. Click on "Create folder" to open the form for creating a folder. Give the folder a name and click Save.

Upload to an existing folder

If you want to upload files to an existing folder, keep your mouse above this folder. Buttons appear on the right. Click on the plus to add files or folders. Uploading or creating folders works as described above.

Rename a file

If you click on a file in the file list you can rename it. The renaming has no effect on existing links or places where the image is used. Everything just keeps working.

If an image is used in the front-end, the name of the file is used as an alternative name. Choosing the right name is important for SEO. Read more about this in the manual about writing search engine friendly texts.