Manuals and tutorials


Getting started is always the most difficult part. Thats wy we put the emphasis on creating lots of easy to understand manuals and tutorials. We have you up to speed in no time!



On our forum you can get in touch with other Webanizr users to exchange views and help each other out. There is always someone who has solved the problem you are facing. If not, our own team checks in reguarly.

Digital assistant


Lookiing for information or a quick answer to a question? The digital assistant will help you find the answers your looking for.

Direct contact

35 dollar a month

Daily working on one or more projects and in need of some help and guidence? Then you might profit of a month direct contact. You will able to contact our expert directly.

Request a month of direct contact by using the form on the bottom of this page.

Get our experts involved

Our designers

60 dollar an hour

Working on a design, but unable to finalize the final details? Our designer will help you achieve exactly the look and feel your looking for. You will get an estimate before they take on the project.

Add functionality

90 dollar an hour

In need of extra functionality in your website or app? Describe the functionality you are looking for in the form below. Our programmers will give you an estimate before doing any work.

Custom design

550 dollar

Unable to find a template to your likings? Our designers will create a custom design for your website based on your description. Use the form below to get in contact with our designers.


90 dollar an hour

Website live but no visitors? Use the form below to get in contact with our SEO experts. They will outline a few options on how they can assist to get visitors finding your website.

Note: use the exact same email address you used when creating your acccount.

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