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Bringing bad news more friendly

Although we try to limit it to a minimum, it might happen: the website is offline for maintenance or the page can not be loaded due to a technical error. We pay a lot of attention on preventing and remedying these problems. In addition, we have now also taken the time to make the message shown when it happens more friendly:

Message when offline due to maintenance

If the website goes offline because it is updated to the newest vesion (regardless of whether we do this or you update the website yourself), the following message will be displayed:

Message when offline due to technical error

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong on our side, the following message will be shown. We also receive notifications so that we can get started with solving the problem.

Trying to keep conversion up

If the problem occurs on a page other than the home page, the visitor is given the option to go to the home page. If the problem is indeed limited to the specific page (which it is in most cases) the visitor can still browse the rest of the website. By doing this we try to limit the impact of the technical error.

How messages appear on mobile

On most websites more then half of the visitors visit the website using a mobile device. So we have made sure that the message comes across just as well or even better on mobile pages. It was especially important that all information would be available without the visitor needing to scroll. This is how the two types of messages looks like on mobile devices:

During the upgrade of a website

On a technical error

Other languages

The text shown during a website upgrade can be displayed in multiple languages. If you have a multilingual website, you can adjust your texts yourself in the translation module.

Because we can not rely on the translation module because of technical problems, this text can not be translated.