Upgrade your website to the latest version

We regularly inform you about the latest developments and latest features in Webanizr. If you want to use them, your website must run on the latest version of the front- and back-end. We have made it possible for you to update your websites via your Webanizr portal. In this manual you can read how this works.

Log in to your Webanizr portal

To be able to update your website you must be logged into your portal. Go to the sign in page here.

Select your website

You will find a list of all your websites on your home screen in your portal. Click on the website you want to update.

If you are not on your home screen you will find the same list of all  your websites in the left part of the menu of your portal.

Select the latest version

Now select the latest version in the Version field. The latest version is at the top of the list. Then click the "Update" button.

Enter the changes

After updating the version, a "Launch" button appears. Click here to actually update the website to the latest version.

The actual website update proces

After you have clicked on the launch button the actual updating process starts. This happens completely automatically. The update is done in two steps. In the first step, the website is launched again, but now based on the latest version. In step two, the website itself is completely prepared for the use of this new version. For example, adding functions or modifying existing parts to improve them.

Prepare new version

In the first step you will see a progress bar that indicates how far the system is with setting up the latest version. For interested parties, the search bar also shows the step at which the system is. All steps are automatically completed.

Backup up your data

Once the new version has been launched, the website itself will be updated. This also starts automatically.

The first step of updating is making a backup. Should something go wrong during the update then this backup will automatically be restored.

Perform upgrades

When the backup is made, the system automatically starts performing the upgrades. In the upgrades the new features of this version are made available, any errors resolved and parts are replaced when they are no longer needed or no longer applicable. Performing the upgrades usually happens in jumps, not every upgrade takes as much time to implement.

Optimize system

After the upgrades have been carried out, the entire system is optimized. This removes any small errors that have come into the system. But it mainly ensures that the system keeps running fast and smoothly.

Optimizing generally takes a few minutes. During this time the website is already available for visitors.


When the system is optimized, the website is loaded again. You can then see if everything looks like what it should look like.

Your website is now updated to the latest version!