News on Websites & Design

Although we try to limit it to a minimum, it might happen: the website is offline for maintenance or the page can not be loaded due to a technical error. We pay a lot of attention on preventing and remedying these problems. In addition, we have now also taken the time to make the message shown when it happens more friendly:

Message when offline due to maintenance

If the website goes offline because it is updated to the newest vesion (regardless of whether we do this or you update the website yourself), the following message will be displayed:

All Webanizr elements work responsive and are perfectly stackable. This allows you to reate layouts easily. There are cases, however, when you want to be more precise about where an element is placed. For example, when placing a button over other elements.

The possibility to specify a different way of placing your element has been available since version 466. More information about positioning elements can be found on the manual on dimensions, white spaces and placement of elements.

2018-02-08 20:34:00

In addition to white spaces, the margins are now also adjustable. White spaces are the space between the boundary of the element and the content of the element. By using white spaces, you prevent the content from touching the edge of your element or even your screen.

Margins are the spaces between the element and other elements. With this you do not create as much space for the content of your website, but space for the lay-out of your website.

WhIte spaces and margins both have their use and application. That is why it is extra nice that they are now both adjustable. Margins, of course, like white spaces, react directly to adjustments. This makes it easy to try and fine-tune.

Do you want to work with margins? Then read our manual on setting margins and white spaces.

We regularly inform you about the latest developments and latest features in Webanizr. If you want to use them, your website must run on the latest version. We have made it possible to update your websites via your Webanizr portal.

In the manual on updating your website to the latest version you can read how you can do this yourself. The manual seems long, but in reality you are ready with a few clicks and in a few minutes.

2018-02-07 14:06:00

Recently, we added the option to place pins on your home screen directly from a list of popular pins. As feedback we got that some did not add the pins, not sure what the pin would do. That is why a test button has now been added to the pin overview. With this button you can first test what the pin does. Is that what you are looking for, you can add the pin.

You can read more about adding pins to your home screen (including this update) in the manual on placing pins.

2018-02-07 09:01:00

Your robots.txt tells search engines, such as Google, which pages they should and should not search on your website. Although you rarely have to do anything in a robots.txt, there may be situations where you do not want to have a part of your website visited by search engines or other bots. You can indicate this in your robots.txt.

Since the last update you can easily customize your robtots.txt yourself via the front-end of Webanizr. You can read how to do this in the manual about placing your robots.txt.

Often multi-step forms are an essential part of a website. Think of an ordering or registration processes. If that is the case, you do not only want to know how many visitors visit that page, but also what the dropout rate per step is. This helps you to see where the process can be improved.

In the manual about measuring multi-step forms in Google Analytics, we explain how you can set this up yourself.