Upload or select files and images

At various locations in the front-end and back-end is you have the option to select files or images. Usually this is done using a file field or in the text editor. This manual explains how you can select or upload a file using the file pop-up that follows a click on a file field or inserting images in the text editor.

Browse button in the text editor
A file field

Select a file or image

If you click on the Browse button in the text editor (see example at the top of this page) or on the select button next to the file field (see example on top of the page) the file pop-up opens. In this pop-up you will see the files and folders that are present at this moment. Clicking on the arrow to the left of a folder shows the files and folders that are in that folder.

If you click on a file you select the file.

Upload a file or image

At the top of the popup is a tab button "Upload". This will open the form to upload a new file or a new image. First select a folder to place the file or image in. Then click on upload and select the file on your computer that you want to add. Once the file has been uploaded, click "Select and close" to select this file.

If you upload an image, make sure you upload an image that is suitable for use on websites.

Create or delete folders

It is not possible to create folders or delete existing files or images in the file pop-up. To create folders or delete files you must use the file list in the back-end. Read more about this in the manual on managing files and folders in the back-end.

In the file list in the back-end there is also the option to upload multiple files or images.