Send emails using automated actions

Using automated actions you can have your website perform task on certain triggers. This manuals shows you how to send confirmation emails after a form submission.

Automated action wizard

To open the automated action wizard click on the Automated actions button. Is the Automated action button not on your startscreen? Just add it using the new pin option.

Add, delete of edit

In the first step of the wizard you select whether you want to add a new action, delete an existing action or edit an existing action. Select the "add new action" option and click on next.

A new item is created

In step 2 you select the trigger that sets off the action. In this case we select the "a new item is created" trigger. Since every form submission is stored, this trigger is fired after a form submission.

Select the form

In the next step you select the form for which you want to add the trigger. The form is in a option called "submission for form ..." where ... is the name of your form.

Send mail

When asked wat type of action you want to set up you select the "Send an email" option.

Enter the details of the email

The last step allows you to set up the details for the email. In the field "email address receiver" you enter the email address of the person you want to receive this email. If you want to dynamic select an email you can use datanames. In most forms the dataname email@person wil resolve into the email address filled in in the form.

In the subject field you enter the subject for the email. Datanames are also an option here. For instance: "Nice to hear from you {firstname @ person}".

Next you enter the content for the email. Datanames can be used in the same manner as in the subject. Additionaly you can use the dataname {item-overview @ basic} to display all the information that was entered in the form.

An BCC address can be added optionally. If you enter an email address (or dataname) here, this person will receive a copy of the email.

If the form had any upload fields, you can select the checkbox for "add files as attachments". All the files uploaded in the form will be added as attachment to this email.

In "Sender email" and "Sender name" you enter the email address and name from which the email must be send. Make sure to use an email address you own. Otherwise the email will not be send.

Edit a existing email action

If you select "edit existing action" you can edit an existing email action. All the following steps are the same as setting up a new action.