Working with form fields

In this manuals we will explain how to add fields to a form, edit and/or delete them. How to create a form to add the fields to is explained in out manual on creating, editting and deleting forms.

List fields

If you hover your mouse over an webform entry buttons apear to the right of you screen. Click on the buttons that says fields to open the list of fields in this webform.

The first (and with new forms the only) field is the field Date and time. This field is not visible on your website but records the date and time of each form submission. We advice to keep this form in the list of fields.

Add a field

Hover youre mouse over the bar with the column names. A few icons apear to the right of your screen. Click on the plus icon to start the "add a field wizard".

After clickking on the plus button the fieldtype screen is shown. ON the left you will see a list of predefined fields by dataname. If you add one of those fields Nadat je op de plus klikt zie je het eerste scherm om een veld mee toe te voegen. Je hebt hier twee opties. In de linkerkolom kan je kiezen om een veld toe te voegen op basis van wat je van de gebruiker of bezoeker wilt weten. Op basis van wat je wilt weten wordt het juiste formulierveld samengesteld. Dit is de aanbevolen methode.

Mocht de informatie die je wilt vragen niet in de linkerkolom staan kan je in de rechterkolom kiezen voor het type veld wat je wilt toevoegen. In het volgende scherm kan je dan meer informatie over het veld toevoegen.

In the following screen you configure the field in detail. Te optiosn vary by dataname / type. One required setting is the label. The label is used to describe the field to your visitors. If you've added an field by dataname a suggested label is set.

Select fields

When adding a select or radio field you need to select a dataset which contains te options show in the select or radio field. Optional you can add a "null option text". This text is shown before the user has selected one of the option. An example of a "nul option text" is "select a country".


You can assign a dataname to your field. A dataname can be used later on as a placeholder field in confirmation email or for importi/export using APIs.

Editing a field

If you want to edit an field, simply click on the field in the field list. The form in which you can edit your field will be shown.

Changing the order of form fields

If you want to change the order of the fields you click on a field and keep the mouse button pressed. Now drag this field to the position you would like it to be.

Deleting fields

Hover your mous over a field entry. Buttons apear to the right. Click on the trash can button. A question apears asking you wether or not you want to permanantly remove this field. Click on delete.

WARNING: by deleting a field you also delete the contents of this field in all form submission. This data cannot be recovered.