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In this manual you will read how you can measure the progress and dropout of visitors in a multi-step form in a funnel in Google Analytics. We assume that you have already set up Google Analytics. If not, you can read how to do this on the manual on setting up Google Analytics.

Open the list of multistep forms

To open the list of multi-step forms, click the "Multi-step forms" pin. Is this not available? Then you can add it yourself from the list of popular pins.

Open the list of steps

Hold your mouse over the multi-step form whose data you want to measure in Google Analytics. Then click on the "steps" button.

Give the step a name for Google

You now give a name to all the steps you want to measure. You edit a step by clicking that step in the list. Then you search in the form for the field "Analytics event category". Type in the name there. Use only small letters and numbers for the name, no other characters.

Admin section in Google Analytics

Open Google Analytics. Open the property of the website whose data you want to measure. Then click on the Admin button at the bottom of the menu in Google Analytics.

Open Goals

Now click on the Goals button in the third column.

Start a new Goal (Goal)

Click on the "+ NEW GOAL" button to set up a new funnel.

Set up a custom goal

In the first step of the wizard for a new goal there are multiple options. Select the "Custom" option at the very bottom of the list. Then click Continue.

Set the destination of the funnel

In the second step of the wizard you name the funnel. You can come up with a name for yourself. For type you select the option Destination.

Set your goal destination

At Destination, enter the URL of the last step. You define the URL as follows:

  • You start with a /
  • Then you put the name of the multi-step form behind it. If the name of you multistep form is "order", the url is /order.
  • Then add another /. In this example that would be /order/
  • Then follows the name you gave to the step in the back-end. Have you named the last step "payment", the final url would be /order/paid.

Set the funnel

Now set the Funnel option to ON. Then you enter the steps leading to the last step one by one. In the first field you give the step a name. In the second field you put the url of that step. You determine the url in the same way as you have determined the url for the last step.

With all steps you can leave the Required option on No.

Save the funnel

Now click on the Save button to save the funnel.

View funnel

The funnel you created will now appear in the Google Analytics menu at CONVERSIONS > Goals > Funnel Visualization.

It may take some time for the first data to become visible in the funnel.