Add new elements to your website

There are numerous elements you can add to your website in our element library. This manual explains how you can easily add them to your website.

Webanizr libaray 

Click on the plus icon in the left bottom corner of your screen to open the Webanizr library. If this button does no appear on your screen, make sure you are logged in to the front-end in edit mode.

Select the correct catagorie

We've devided the library into categories. In each category there are elements targeted on a specific task or lay-out. A few examples:

  • Page blocks contain ready to use elements you can use to build up a page. Each one has a different lay-out and/or content.
  • Content contains small basic elements for you website such as tekst, titles and images.
  • Navigation contains element used for navigation on the website. I.e. menu's, buttons and links.
  • Dynamic contains the more dynamic elements like video's and slideshows.
  • Lay-out contains elements you can use to create new structures and lay-outs within your webdesign.
  • etc.

Click on the element you want

Once ou have found the element you want to use or try out, click on that element. Do not hold your mouse down or start dragging. A simple click with the left button of your mouse will do.

Add the element

Now hover your mouse over the website. You will see an orange lay-over with arrows. The element the orange lay-over is on top of is used as reference element. The arrows indicate if you would add the element before or after this element.

If you hover over a lay-out element you will see arrows pointing inside a box. This means you can add the element te be placed within this lay-out.

Once you found the position you want to add the new element to, just click to add.

Element added

After you've clicked to place the element a waiting bar appears. After a few seconds the bar disappears and the selected element appears. You can start editing this element right away by clicking on the parts you want to change.