How to log in the front- or backend system

The management system has 2 environments: a front-end and back-end environment. You can log in separately from each other in both environments. The login details that you have created or have been provided to you work for both environments.

Log in on the front end

To be able to log in on the front-end part, you first open your website and go to the page you would like to edit. On the page you press Ctrl (hold down) and then E. A login screen appears. In this screen you can log in with your username and password.

Edit / view

At the bottom of the login screen you can choose from edit or view. If you choose to work, you have the possibility to adjust the website. If you choose to view, you can only view the website. However, you have the possibility to view the website under different conditions, for example in tablet or mobile screen sizes. Also in viewing mode are the elements available that are still in the design phase.

Log in to the back end

To log in to the back-end you go to your website and add /edit after the domain namet. If your website is you open the back-end by going to On this page you will see a login form where you can enter your username and password. After the login screen you will see the start screen of the back-end environment.