In this manual we will explain how to use wordfilters on datasources (internal and external sources) to process the data to usefull information. Once you have applied the word filters, the data is catgorized into words or grammars that have a significant meaning within your application.

In order to use word filters you have to log in.

Create and manage lists

Word lists are created and managed on the page for wordlists in your own portal. When you start out, this list will be empty. By clicking on the plus sign on the top right corner you open the form for creating new lists. Type a name and click on Create. The new list is now available.

Adding words

To add words you first need to open the list you want to add the words to. To open a list, just click on the name. You'll now see a list of words available in this list. If this is a new list, no words will be shown. To add a word click on the plus sign on the top right corner. Type the word and click on Add.

Dictionary and available words

To the right of every word a status is mentioned. If you just added the word, the status will be "initiated". Once the word is processed by the filter, the status will change to either "ready" or "pause". Only words available in our dictionary will get the status "ready". They will be used to index the datasource this filter is applied to.

If a word is not in the dictionary the status will change to pause. The word is put on the list to add to out dictionary. Once added, the status will change to ready. This will happen automatically. 

If you want to check the availability of a word you directly after adding the word, you can click on the two circling arrows. The availability of this word in the dictionary in the dictionary is checked and the status is changed accordingly.