External sources are websites, databanks, social media or any other source you could use to retreive data. The data can be used as input for other Webanizr services, such as chatbots.

Adding sources and the storage of data

When you add an external source to your portal, you only make this source availabe for other services within Webanizr. No data is retreived or stored in Webanizr after adding the source.

Data can however be stored by services using this source. Always check the conditions of the service you add the source to and make sure the service is ment for the type of data retreived from the souce. In the conditions of each services is stated what type of data could be used in the service and what part of the data is stored by the service.

Free is not free of rights

When using free sources, such as RSS feeds, always check the terms of use of the owner of the data. Ensure yourself that the data can be used for the purpose you want t use is for. When in doubt: contact the owner of hte data.

Example of external sources

At the moment, only RSS feeds can be used as external source.