In this manual will describe how to add and maintain RSS feeds as external sources. For a introduction you can start in our general manual on external sources

Open your list of RSS feeds

Within you own portal you can manage your RSS feeds on the page on RSS feeds. In order to view this page, you need to be logged in.

If you've just started, the list will be empty.

Adding RSS feeds

On the top right corner of the list of RSS feeds is a plus sign. Click on it to open the form for adding new RSS feeds. Enter a name for the feed and the url of the RSS feed. Click on Save to add the RSS feed.

Edit a RSS feed

To edit a RSS feed just click on the name. A form with the name and url is shown. Change one or both items and click on Save.

WARNING: if you've used the RSS feed in a application as an external source, changing the url will not remove or change data previously found following the previous url.