Mijn projecten
Mijn projecten

Webanizr - design, build en create your communications

Websites & Design

Design and launch website how and when you want

Chatbots & Search

Helpdesk of or e-commerce: automate the conversation

Scaling & speed

Fast, scalable and affordable hosting, regardless of your number of visitors

Standarization & exchange

Get more out of your data

Webshops & online payment

Sell what, how and how much you want

Third party tools & API's

Combine the best data and most powerfull tools on the web


Load pages instantly

IOS & Android

Create marketing apps on the fly

Security & privacy

Keep your data safe

Website & Design

Design and launch how, how many and when you want.

Live in 5 minutes

It only takes 5 minutes to start your first website.

No code

You don't have to write code to alter or extend your website: everybody can do it.

Tablet and mobile

Our templates and library parts are responsive out of the box. The front-end editor allows you to design for each device.

No hosting contract

You only pay for the actual usage and there are no notice periods. Just start and stop wheneverr you want. 

Zoƫ: Chatbot & Search

Zoë is a versatile chatbot and search engine. With Zoë you have an intuitive, flexibel and smart interface to automate conversion with your users or visitors.


Zoë helps your visitors or users to accomplish their goals by entering into a conversation with them


A personal assistent or a 24/7 working helpdesk: Zoë does it all. 

Search engine

Zoë can take in account personal preferences and current context to find the best matches for your situation.

Scaling & speed

No limits

Hosting on Webanizr knows no limits. Regardless of the size of your website, we'll keep it running.


We never stop implementing new techniques to make your website run even faster.

Pay as you use

No fixed monthly fees. You just pay per visitor. Seems fair, doesn't it?

Stop when you want

No need anymore for one of your websites? Just stop the website and you'll stop payment that moment.

Standarization & exchange

Standarized naming

With standarized naming (datanames) exchaing data is simpeler then ever.

Format data

Format data however you want it, reagardless of the source and original format.

Search and lookup

Using a simpel query syntax you can retreive any data from within the system and linked systems.

Webshops & online payment

Custom design

Don't limit yourself by using templates. Designs that truely follow your vission.

Your products

Whatever you sell, the webshop is customized to your needs. In presentation, product variation and sales process.

Position in Google

Our webshop are optimized for Google, speed and security. An optimal combination that allows you to focus on the content.


Hosting, content management systems, mail, backup and online payment. Your webshop comes fully equiped and ready to start.

Third party tools & APIs

Popular APIs

Integrate the most popular online marketing tools directly into your website.

Specific APIs

Configure your website to use APIs that are not listed in our popular API list.

Create your own API

Create your own API and start sharing functionality and data with others.


Secure your own API or use the most secure options of used APIs.


Instant pages

Make sure that everyone in the world sees your website with no loading time.


Mobile first

Webanizr AMP is focused on mobile. Making sure your visitors with a lesser connection will also see your website almost instant.

Score in Google (SEO)

Loading time is becoming an increasingly important factor in determining your position in the search results in Google.

More conversion

Because visitors can go directly from page to page without delay, visitors tend to stay longer on the website. This in turn leads to more customers, orders and registrations.

Security & privacy

Personal data

When is data  personal data? And how can and should you best deal with this kind of data?

Technical measures

Encryption of the connection, encryption of the data and login options. Not only on the website, but also in management systems or APIs.

Organizational measures

How do you organize your organization so that secure processing of the data is ensured?

Rights of the data subjects

The person who the data is about has rights as well. Rights that you as a holder of the data must meet.

Create marketing apps on the fly


In all the parts, whether you set them up yourself or we do it, we looked at user friendliness. It is the basis of our elements and design process.

Manage your app content

Once you have your app in the app store, the first feedback comes in. Then it is nice that you can quickly make adjustments yourself.

Publish app in stores

Getting an app in the app store can be very difficult. That is why we prepare most of th work and help you where necessary. The app always remains under your control!

Track your app usage

Webanizr Apps offers extensive options for monitoring the use of your app. This way you can see which parts of the app are more and which are used less. This helps you improve your app.