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Fixed elements stay within the design view

When designing your website online in Webanizr there are four options for positioning each element:

  • Default
  • Relative to other elements
  • Fixed within an other element
  • Fixed position on screen

Incorrect display of elements that are fixed on screen

The last option did cause some problems. When an element was positioned fixed on the left or right end of the screen it blocked the menu's of the Webanizr interface

Proper Representation of elements that are fixed on screen

In our most recent update this problem was solved. Elements there are positioned fixed on the screen are now bound in the design view and do no longer block the interface

View on tablet and mobile

In this update we also fixed the positioning of these elements in mobile or tablet design view. The positioning of the fixed on screen elements adapt to the choosen view

This update works in edit as well as in view modus in the front-end editor.