Secure caching
Secure caching

Webanizr uses caching extensively as a tool to keep website speed at an optimum. At the same time a lot of websites build on the Webanizr platform deal with dynamic and sometimes sensitive data. Take the page where you can view or edit your personal profile for an instant. These pages should stay out of the cache at all times to prevent a security breach.


We already had a system in place that performed numerous checks to determine if a page could be cached. If you are logged in for instance, no page is cached. On top of this system we now added a microcheck system. On a very low level checks are added to detect sensitive of dynamic data that should not be cached. If such data is encountered caching for the corresponding page is disabled.

Microchecks for micro design parts

The microcheck system supports the latest front-end options. In these options you can use datanames to display data from various datasets related to the current page. This gives the designer flexibility to create dynamic pages in every detail. The microchecks help to ensure no sensitive data accidentally ends up in the cache.