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News on Standarisation & Data exchange
News on Standarisation & Data exchange
Recently we have written several posts on datanames. One of the most powerful tools within Webanizr.
Making choices within datanames
Datanames are mainly used in combination with form fields . A powerful function, but there is more behind these datanames.
Generic datanames: valuable information
In addition to text, numbers and lists, you can now format images using datanames. This is done in the same way as other formatting options work, namely by passing the image through one or more formatting options.
Format images using datanames
2018-02-07 09:09:00
Data is rarely in isolated. There are certain relationships between all data. Very often you are not looking for the data itself, but for related data.
Search and traverse data
Collecting data using forms is easy in Webanizr. Using data would be the next step. Datanames allow you to use the data in emails , APIs or on the website.
Format and convert data with datanames
2018-02-05 21:17:00
Datanames are an important part of Webanizr. They enable you to display data on your website, to use it in APIs and in communication with your visitors.
How to write datanames
2018-01-30 21:39:00
To exchange, display and validate your data, Webanizr mostly depends on datanames . In most cases simple datanames that are linked to form fields .
Test your datanames
When using datanames you can create a path to the desired value. Example:
category@news > image@visual
It is now safe to use invalid dataname paths