2018-02-26 20:23:00

The first users have already started to see if they can prepare their Webanizr sites for AMP. One of the points that everyone quickly encountered is the use of images.

2018-02-01 09:11:00

Our latest project at Webanizr is support for AMP. AMP is a project from Google that is aimed at delivering website very fast, especially on mobile. To accomplish this, the possibilities within the website are limited, or slightly different than with regular websites.

In our first version of Webanizr AMP, due to the limitations, only standard web fonts were available (4 of them). In this update we have added 5 sources of fonts, making a combined collection of more than 15,000 fonts availble. The list of the sources from which fonts can be used can be found on the fonts page on our AMP website.