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module scrollTrigger

Last change: November 14, 2019

Current version: 1.1.1

The scrollTrigger alerts an callback function when certain scrollconditions are met.


webanizr.collect('scrollTrigger', parameters, callback);


The collect method of dragAndDrop accepts the following parameters.

id__dorm (required)

The id of element that is scrollable you want to attach the trigger to.

thresshold__trigger (optional)

The position of the trigger measured in pixels from the top.

direction__scroll (optional)

The direction of scrolling the trigger should react to. If no direction is set, scrolling down is assumed.

time__scrollpause (optional)

The delay between stopping with scrolling and performing the action.


The function that is called when the trigger is called. The callback function will receive the event data from the scroll event.




  • November 14, 2019: 1.1.1 - "document" as query selector now also works
  • October 28, 2019: 1.1.0 - added time__scrollpause parameter
  • October 4, 2019: 1.0.0 - first version