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Module simpleTables

The simpleTables module interacts with the simpleTables service.


webanizr.collect('simpleTables', parameters, callback)


The simpleTables module accepts the following parameters:

name__table (required)

The name of the table you want to retreive data from.

thiszfilter__documents (optional)

Filtering options for the searched data. The value for this parameter is a list with 3 parameters:

  • 1st parameter: the name of the field you want to filter on
  • 2nd parameter, the type of comparison you want to make. Options are:
    • EQ (equal to)
    • NE (not equal to)
    • IN
    • LE (less then or equal)
    • GE (greater then or equal)
    • GT (greater then)
    • NOT_NULL
    • NULL
  • 3rd parameter: the value to compare the value in the field to

id__call (optional)

Assign an id to this query. This can be used in tracking and statistics.


This callback function is called when the data is retrieved. The function gets the retreived data as parameter. If the retreival of the data results in an error the callback function is not called.

global vars

The simpleTables maintains the following global vars.


Where <queryid> is the id assigned to this query with the id__call parameter. This global var has as a value the number of items in the last call with this id.