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Module readMore

The module readMore helps you to create content wrappers with a given height. A read more button is then added to enable the visitor to "open" the wrapper and read the full content.


webanizr.collect('readMore', parameters, callback)


The collect method of readMore accepts the following parameters.

query__selector (required)

The selector that defines which element(s) you want to convert into scrollable element(s). This uses te query selector syntax: "#mydiv" or ".mydivs"

max__height (required)

The css definition of the desired height of the elements, ie. "70vh" or "200px".

name__class (optional)

The name of the css class given to the read-more button. If no classname is given, the classname "readmorebutton" is applied.

label__openbutton (optional)

The label text for on the read more button. If no label text is given, the text "read more" is used.

label__collapsebutton (optional)

The label text for the button that collapses the read-more element. If no label text is given, the text "less" is used.


The callback function that is called after the elements are converted to read-more elements. There is no data passed to this callback function.


A simple read-more demo: