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Module googleCharts

The googleCharts module draws a chart of given data. It can draw various charts of choice.


webanizr.collect('googleCharts', {});

webanizr.send('googleCharts', data, {parameters});


The data to show on the charts. It is mostly two or three dimensional arrays. 


The collect method of googleCharts accepts the following parameters.

id__element (required)

The id of the element to draw the chart into it. 

id__chart (required)

The id of the chart that defines the chart type. The id__chart can have 8 different options. These are; areaChart, barChart, columnChart, donutChart, histogram, lineChart, pieChart and tableChart.

chart__columns (required)

The amount of columns in the provided data to draw the chart. First column of this object holds data types and second column of this object holds headers of the provided chart data.

chart__options (required)

Options to the chart to draw. There might be 0 to many options given, such as title of the chart, width and height of the chart. Links to all possible options for every chart are commented below each chart.


The googleCharts updates the following variable:


In this variable id of the element to draw the chart is stored. That id is used only in a div element to draw the chart in to it.