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Module fileloadingAllowed

The fileloadingAllowed module finds out whether a resource or script is blocked because of using particular browser plugins. It calls the given resource url as a HEAD request. It fetches in a no-cors fashion, thus the actual result or its existence stays unknown and it can't be used for any other purpose than detecting whether a resource is blocked by the client.

Note that this module is not meant for checking whether a resource is available, it is only applicable for checking whether a browser blocks loading a resource.


webanizr.collect('fileloadingAllowed', parameters, callback)


The fileloadingAllowed module accepts one parameter:

path__file (string, not required)

The url of a resource to be fetched. In case it is not given, it will use an example url from Google Ads that's likely blocked by browser plugins. 


The callback consists of a JSON object. With one parameter: 

allowed__call (boolean)

If the browser allowed the call to the resource to be made, it will return true. False means the browser blocked loading the resource.