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Module codeDisplay

The module codeDisplay is most often used for debug and testing puproses. Codedisplay shows the received data in a formatted element on the current pase.


webanizr.send('codeDisplay', data, parameters, callback);


The data that should be displayed in the formatted element on the page.


codeDisplay accepts the following parameters:

id__dom (required)

The html id of the element to which the formatted element displaying the data should be added.

type__placement (optional)

If this parameter is set to "replacement" codeDisplay replaces the content of the target element instead of adding the content to the current content.

encode__htmlentities (optional)

If this parameter is set to true, the html entities in the code are encoded.


The callback is called after the display of the data is added to the page. The original data is send to the callback function as parameter.