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Module browserProperties

Checks if the browser the plugin is called from meets the required specifications and then calls the callback function.


webanizr.collect('browserProperties', checks, callback);


An array of checks to perform on the browser. If one of the checks match, the callback function will be called. Example:

[ "os == Android", "os == iOS"]

Every check consists of three parts: variable, operator and value. The following combinations can be used:

Variable Operators Values
os ==, != Windows, Linux, Mac_OS_X, Android, iOS
browser ==, != Chrome, Internet_Explorer, Firefox, Yandex, Opera, Edge, Safari
viewportwidth in A range: i.e. 601-1100


If no checks are given, the callback is always called. This way, the plugin can be used to collect information on the browser and / or os.


The callback function is called if at least one of the checks pass. As data the plugin sends information on the browser and os.