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This manual explains how you can create visualization with Kibana. For this concept we assume that you are logged into your Kibana environment and that visualization has already been made. You can read how visualizations you make in the manual on creating visualisations in Kibana.

The Dashboard tab

To create dashboards, click the Dashboards tab in the left menu.

Create a new dashboard

To create a new dashboard click on the plus button. If you want to open or edit an existing dashboard, click on the name of that Dashboard.


Add visualizations

To add visualizations to this dashboard, click the Add button in the menu above. Then click on the names of the visualizations that you want to add. As soon as you click on the name of the visualization, it is added.

Move or delete a visualization

At the top right of each visualization are a few buttons. With these buttons you can set the visualization to full size, edit, move and delete the visualisation.

Change visualization dimensions

To enlarge or reduce the size of a visualization, hold your mouse over the bottom left corner. Then you press your mouse and drag the visualization to the desired size.

Save dashboard

To save the dashboard, click Save at the top. Give your dashboard a name and a description. If you tick the Store time with dashboard checkbox, your current time selection will also be saved with this dashboard. So once you open the dashboard, this time selection is activated again.