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The import module in the back-end of a Webanizr website can import data from Excel if it is saved in CSV format. This manual explains how to save an Excel sheet to CSV format.

Save as

Open the sheet within the Excel file you want to save in CSV format. In CSV you can only save one sheet at a time.

From the file menu, select the optiosn Save As.

Tip: you can also press F12 to open the Save As dialog.


Excel opslaan als

CSV (Comma delimited)

In the Save As dialog you enter a name for your file. Next to the Save as type label you select the option "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv). Make sure you selected the folder you want to store the file in and click on Save.

Excel csv opslaan

Active sheet

After you clicked on Save, Excel will give you a warning that only the active sheet will be saved as CSV. Click OK in the dialog.

Excel opslaan als csv

Non compatible content

CSV is a very simple, text-only format. If you have used formula's or style in your Excel sheet Excel will show a warning that these will not be exported to CSV format. Click on Yes in this dialog. Your data is now saved to CSV format.

Execl niet ondersteunde inhoud