Edit your website css direct online

We offer the more experienced user of Webanizr the flexibility of adding their own css to their website. This can be done using the css tab in the design menu.

Open the CSS tab

When you hover your mouse over the tabs in the design menu (to the right of your website) a second row shows up. The first button in this row (highlighted in blue in the image) is the button for the css tab. Click on this button to open the css tab.

Select the (sub)element you want to edit

Depending on the type of element you've selected in the website you can style different of subelements with css. The first option that is always available is the "current element" option. Selecting this option you can apply css to the element outlined with a pink border in the website preview.

Other subelements you can choose from may include links, formfields, buttons, headings or images within the current elelement.

Apply css

In the fields below the subelement selection you can add or edit the css for this subelement. In the left selection field you select the type of styling you want to apply. Depending on the type of styling you select you can either enter a value or select a value from a list of valid options.