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This manual explains how you can set the visibility of elements. For example, un-publish elements or initially hide them and show them based on a click.

Visibility tab

After you've selected the element you wish to show or hide, click on the eye icon to open te visibility tab menu.


Publish or un-publish elements

You can deside for each element if they are ready for publication. By default all elements are public. There are three publication states available:

  • Public: the element is visible in the editor and for all website visitors. This is the default.
  • Show only in editor: the element is only visible when you are logged into the front end editor (either in edit or view mode).
  • Show only on website: the element is visible for regular visitors, but does not show up in the editor. This could be a message to the visitors something will be published soon (a teaser).
Elementen wel- of niet live zetten

(Temporary) hide elements

You can visually show or hide elements. The elements are still available on the page, but are not directly visible. There are three options for setting the visibility of the element:

  • Show: show the element. This is the default.
  • Hide for actions: hides the element but prepares it to be shown when triggered.
  • Hide. The element is hidden. You can use this to hide elements on differtent viewports, i.e. on mobile.

If you want to make sure the content is not available for the public then use "Show only in editor" instead of "Hide".

Elementen tijdelijk verbergen