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Webanizr Landing Pages
Webanizr Landing Pages

How do you create the perfect landing page for your website? The perfect landingpage should rank far higher than your competitors' landingpages in Google, is always shown in search results on the right keywords, and converts large amounts of visitors into new customers. Can you achieve this? It might look like a simple question, but the right answer is hard to give, and can't be answered by just a single person. But we got the answer with our single product. Welcome to Webanizr Landing Pages!

Landing Pages optimized for Google and conversion

The fundamentals for Webanizr Landingpages are in SEO and conversion. To reach perfection, we incorporated speed and security of the website, but also the more visual aspects of the landing page like the user interface are important. With Webanizr Landing Pages we took every detail apart, and kept improving until we consider it to be perfect. A TTFB of 500 milliseconds? An insufficient grade on a security certificate? Or a page that doesn't pass the Google Mobile friendliness test? We will never accept this, but will always try to achieve the highest possilbe scores. 

User friendliness should also be improved to the maximum. At first sight the landing pages don't contain much elements, but every element is well-thought and thoroughly tested. Animations should be helpful and should not distract attention. Furthermore, every element on the page should be responsive and working on any device. Filling forms should be a simple, intuitive and enjoyable experience, from the beginning until submission!

Using the latest technology trends

The world of SEO is changing rapidly. To hold your position in Google and not losing your position to your rivals, it's necessary to adapt the latest trends and technologies in your landing pages. Do you need to understand all these new techniques? Not at all. Using Webanizr you're always 3 steps ahead of others fighting for your position. Some of these techniques are visible, like the use of Google AMP, HTML 5 and CSS 3, but also the less visible aspects like code optimization and superfast caching services.

Webanizr provides landing pages as a service. This means we're working on it any time, even if you're not working on your page, we are! By improving the tech behind the page, your landing pase is always up to date with the latest techniques. Without doubt, you're always ahead of your competitors.

Great partnerships

A succesful landing page doesn't stop with technique. Your landing page should be fully adapting to the product you're selling, your organisation, and target audience. This requires extensive research, branding, design, copy writing, clarification and monitoring. When we started with this product at Webanizr, we learned this is only possible to succeed when there is a strong compassion and focus on the landing page. This is why we provide additional service with our landing pages in the form of partners, that share the same passion for success. From the moment a project starts, we can bring you into contact with one of our partners that will fit the needs of a succesful landing page for your product or company services. Nothing is compulsory.

Are you already working with other companies or marketing agencies? You're free to introduce us with them! We're always curious to see what other experts can bring in, and create a great success together. 

Based on the #1 software on the web

A landing page is not like an island on the web. Like the Internet itself with billions of websites all linked to each other, your landing page can be linked to any other website or product that fits your needs. Whether this is for accounting, customer management, order processing, promotion, monitoring or analysis, every use can connect to its own (external) tool, instead of trying to rebuild the functionality of other systems into ours. Due to our partnerships with various popular software vendors and online tools, we're able to provide connecting to them all. Receive your leads in your online CRM system, subscribe participants to a newsletter, or mark conversions automatically in Google Ads.

Are you curious in which way Webanizr can make your business succesful? Or do you want to know whether we are partnered with the companies or tools you're using? Please let us know! Even if we don't have any connections yet, we're technically savvy to build, or to let our creative and marketing experts work for you to get the perfect landing page. A landing page is only perfect if you can act immediately onthe results!