Flexible hosting costs

In contrast to oher hosting providers we do not have hosting contracts of fixed high fees to use our services. You can start and stop project how many you want and whenever you want. And you will only pay for the actual usage of your website. Seems fair right?


  • Storage: $ 1.20 / GB/month
  • Page visits: $ 0.003 / visit
  • Data traffic: $ 0.50 / GB
  • Domain name: $ 15.00 / year

These pricing may not mean that mucht to you. To give you an insight in what cost you may actually expect we outlined a few comon scenaraio's:

standaard bedrijfswebsite

4,33 p/m

You run a compony website to promote your products or services. Your website is on page within the first 10 results on Google on the most relevat keywords. You receive about 5 contact or quote requests a week via your website.


Cost / month:

1 domain name

€ 1.20

500 MB uploaded images

€ 0,96

750 page visits

$ 2,20

1.75 GB data traffic

$ 0,84


$ 5,20


actieve bedrijfswebsite

6,85 p/m

You run a company website that does not only fermorms well in the organic results, it also receives visitors form Google Adwords campaigns and social media campaigns.


Cost / month

1 domain name

$ 1.20

800 MB uploaded images

$ 0.96

1500 page visits

$ 4.40

3.5 GB data traffic

$ 1.68


$ 8.24


grote marketingwebsite

59,00 p/m

This website is managed by a marketing department which runs its own Adwords and social media campaigns, daily personalised email campaings and has its own SEO expert.


Cost / month

5 domain names

$ 6.00

4000 MB uploaded images

$ 4.80

10000 page views

$ 30.00

25 GB data traffic

$ 30.00


$ 70.80

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