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oplossingen vanuit customer journey


The relation between you and your new customer starts the first time the customer discovers you: on Google, in an advertisement or on social media.

How likely is it customers encounter your brand on the web? How active are you on social media? How do you rank in Google? What is the first impression customers get through each of these channels?


The customer has found you and opens your website or app. Is the first impression exiting enough for customers to start exploring? Is your main message clear at first glance? Does the page grab the attention of the visitor?



You've got the attention of the visitor. He or she is even considering becoming a customer at your company. How do you compare to your competition? Are your unique selling points clear enough and well presented? Is all the information available (without being boring)? Does the look and feel of the website match the nature of your products or services?


New customers

Okay, we're buying your products or services. How easy would that be? Is every step I have to take clear? Is it nessecary to fill out all these fields? Can I pay online and can I trust you? How fast the checkout process and / or how friendly are your contact forms?


Out-of-box experience

You've gained a new customer / client. You're happy, off course. How is the first experience with your company for your new customer? What is the tone of voice in the first mail? How log will it take to hear from you? Does the first contact feel personal and well-meant? Is it clear what the next steps will be?


Keeping customers

Loyal customers are worth their weight in gold. Do your customers feel that way? How often do they here from you? Is that message coherent with earlier experiences? Do they still know what core values are important to you? Are they aware of new products and services that show you are still ahead on the competition?



A happy customer is good, a brand ambassador is even better. How easy is it for your fans to share your content? How often are your in contact with them? Do they feel appriciated? Can (and may) they help building your brand? Are you reaching out and servicing them?