Create multi-language websites

Create multi-language websites

Multi-language by default

In Webanizr all website are set up as multi-language website by default. Even though websites based on a template seem te be in one language. Just add a new language in the back-end and you have made your first step towards an international website.

Top level domain or subdomain

You can choose how to make the website in this new language available. You can choose to claim a domain with a different top level domain, ie, for the spanish version. Or you can choose to create a new subdomein, ie, for the spanish version. As soon as you have linked your new language to a new (sub)domain you can start translating your website.

Never an empty page

The pages in the new version of your website are not empty. The original English texts are displayed on all the pages you haven't gotten arround to translate. This has two benefits: the visitors still have content to read, although it might be it little harder to read then texts in their native language. Secondary you see the text you need to translate, which makes translating much easier.

Submit the new site to Google

As soon as you linked the new language to a (sub)domain Google is informed there are multiple variations available of each page, each in a different language. This way Google can select the appropriate version of the page, matching the language of the visitor. You don't have to do anything to accomplish this, aside of translating the texts on your website.

Start your own multi-language website

Eager to start a mulit-language website? Don't wait and launch your Webanizr website today!