Why storytelling?

Storytelling sounds a like the latest buzz word. Another new name for an old idea. And you know what: that is exactly what it is. Storytelling is of all times. It's the essence of the Bible and in the Greek tragedies.

Then why the buzz? Because in the time of online adds and social media we forgot how we tell a great story. But we still like to listen them. Binge watching on Netflix or reading the latest from Dan Brown.

Emotion and authenticity

Sure, but how does this apply to me? How do i use website storytelling as a marketing tool? Let's start by taking a step back. How much time do you spend on marketing, social media and advertising? And how much does it yield? Probably not as much as you initially hoped to see as a result for the time and effort you put into it.

Then take a good look at how you deliver the message. Do you tell a story your customers would like to hear or do you only sum up some facts? Especially in this time, where we are bombarded with online content, people are looking for more depth. A story that touches them. A story they can recognize. The fact that it is seen as advertising is no problem, we are used to that. But only if the advertisement is perceived as authentic.

It's not difficult

Telling a story is not difficult. In fact, you probably do it all day. It is the way we share experiences with each other.

The trick is to redefine the way you communicate your business online. The most accessible form is writing a blog that you then share on social media. To tell the story in a video is of course even more accessible to the public. It is easy to consume and can be shared directly on social media.

A form that has been gaining popularity lately is the micro site. Webanizr Stories is an example such micro sites (more about this at the end of this article). The advantage of Webanizr Stories is that they are much more visual and dynamic than blogs and easier to set up than a video. Best of both worlds.

How to construct a story

Many get a writers block the moment they have to write a story. Where do you start? In the simplest form you work through the following elements in a story:

  1. Appoint the main character
  2. Tell the problem that the main character ran into
  3. The first attempts to solve the problem that did not work
  4. The final solution that worked
  5. The conclusion

It may sound like you have to write an entire novel. But we use these steps in every story we tell, even if it is an experience you want to share during the coffee break. An example:

Yesterday I (1) tried to replace the filter of the coffee machine(2). I have tried to open the lid for over five minutes but it just wouldn't budge (3). Turns out that you first need to press the button on the back! (4). Just wanted you to know, to save you the frustration. (5)

A free mini story

At Webanizr we are developing Webanizr Stories. Webanizr stories are micro websites in allowing you to tell your story in five to ten very visual slides. Fun, dynamic and optimized for mobile. The ideal tool to bring your story to life and enhance your social media campaigns.

To demonstrate the power of Webanizr stories, we want to set up three to five examples. We are looking for companies that would like to use this opportunity to have their story developed for free.

If you have a story that is worth telling and sharing, you can briefly explain the story you would like to tell in the form. We will contact shortly thereafter.