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Online design tool

The most important feature you're looking for in an alternative for Adobe Muse is the ability to design a website. Not simply alter a WordPress template but to create a design according to your vision.

Webanizr definitely ticks that box. You can add, remove and redesign every element in your web design. From the entire lay-out, to the finest details of a button. From typography to color schemes. Tweaking white spaces or adding full screen background images. When it comes to design, your imagination is your only limitation.

The interface in Webanizr is comparable to the interface of most Adobe products, lowering the learning curve and allowing you start designing in Webanizr ASAP.

Online design tool

No need to code

In a long history of working with designers we have learned the desire to use the latest designs and techniques is often far greater than the technical skills to incorporate them in the websites you're working on.

One of the core fundamentals of Webanizr is that it makes technique available to those who have no technical knowledge. You can add, design and tweak powerful features without having to write a line of code. And we're not only talking about slide shows. Forms, log-in features, social media, you name it. With Webanizr it's all a simple click.

Geen code hoeven te schrijven

Widget directory

A key feature of Adobe Muse was its widget directory. A collection of ready to use components. Webanizr incorporates the same principle with the Webanizr design library. The design library has a mix of all kinds of widget you can use to create the website you need. From very simple widgets, like a header, to complete lay-outs.

All widgets are responsive from the get-go. They also adapt to the color scheme you're using on your website.

The more complex widgets are often composed of the simpler ones. This means you can remove, alter or add elements to the widgets as needed. This creates an extremely flexible system where you almost never need to compromise your vision.

Widget directory


Webanizr is a cloud-based solution. The hosting is set up as soon as you start a new project. This means you don't have to look for suitable hosting companies or sign a new hosting contract for each new website. As a matter of fact: there is no need for a hosting contract at all. Hosting is included as a service in your Webanizr account.

Hosting in Webanizr is dynamic. It scales up when your website grows in popularity or when you need more disk space for graphic material. You don't need to change accounts, switch to a pro account or add more packages. You're charged for the number of visits and the amount of disk space you use. It is that simple!

Webanizr hosting

Templates and pages

A website design usually starts with a template: all the parts of the website that appear on every page. The second phase is to design every page.

In Adobe Muse the template is set up in a master page. Webanizr uses a layer system that has the same effect as using a master page. In the template layer you add all elements that belong to the template. In the page layer you add elements that are only visible on the page you working on.

Webanizr evens adds a few more layers. Allow you to add elements that should show up on certain pages. I.e. elements that should be on every blog page, but not on the contact page.

Templates en pagina's


The use of typography has a big impact in the overall look and feel of the website. The ability to use Adobe Typekit as a font library always has been a huge benefit of working in Adobe Muse.

We at Webanizr realized no online design tool should be limited in the use of fonts. That is why Webanizr is compatible with all the popular font libraries:

  • Adobe Typekit
  • Google Fonts
  • Typography.com
  • Fonts.com