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How to generate more traffic to my website?
How to generate more traffic to my website?

The question we all want an answer to. That is why we listed the options and benefits in one clear overview. Find the options that most suits you and your organisation. Need any help? Just click on the link beneath each option to get in contact with us.


Ranking high in Google, the most often used method to generate traffic to your website. But it is easier said than done.

That is why Webanizr offers all SEO optimizations by default for each website and each page. Fast loading pages, SSL certificates, optimized code and responsive designs. Everything a great SEO platform can do is integrated into Webanizr to ensure your high ranking in Google.

But optimizing for search engines is more, much more, then code. When it comes to ranking high in Google, content is king. Content you need to write yourself. But even here Webanizr comes to the rescue. Tell Webanizr what the subject(s) of your page or blog are and Webanizr helps you to optimize your content. Combine your story with Webanizrs expertise and you are bound to reach the public you want.


Google carousel & AMP

You might have noticed the Google carousel when Googling on your mobile. Articles or products in a vertical list you can slide through. Always in a top position in the results. Clicking on one of these results immediately loads the page.

Google calls the combination of this caroussel and instant loading the pages (AMP) the ultimate user experience. Only pages that can offer this experience get these top position in the results. A position that guarantees traffic to your website.

Webanizr incorparates all of these techniques. All you need to do is add products to your website or write articles in your blog. Webanizr will take care of the rest.

Social media

Social media: you personally either love it or hate it. Corporate social media is a struggle for almost everyone. Inspiration and discipline seem to fade when it isn't your personal story you're telling.

Webanizr can support you in both discipline and inspiration. Ad news sources you trust and let Webanizr filter out the most relevant articles. Presenting you your inspiration on a silver plate.

Just added a new article to your website? Webanzir will help you to post tweets or posts on your corporate accounts. Preselecting images and text, making it easy to finish the post and promote your website.


Sometimes you've got something so awesome the whole world should know. A can't-miss promotion, an amazing new product or a collection everyone should see. Posting a simple Facebook of instagram post just doesn't cut it.

Webanizr Stories allows you to tell the full story. Webanizr Stories have the same fun and visual effects you expect on social media. This makes them much more suitable to support your social media message then a page on your website.

In Webanizr Stories you'll be able to tell your complete story in a few visual rich steps. Capture the attention of your followers and use it to convert them to interested website visitors.


Blogs are the ultimate combination of your message and technique. Webanizr helps you to optimizing the post on the chosen subject. While you focus on writing what you want to say, Webanizr focuses on getting it read.

But a great blog is more then words. You want it to be visually attractive. The Webanizr design interface offers you a great selection of tools to create an amazing looking blog post. Add pictures, videos and exciting new layouts. The result is responsive out of the box, making your blog post awesome to read on mobile devices.

About Webanizr helping you to get your blog post out there. This is where Webanizrs support for AMP kicks in. Your article is optimized for SEO, AMP and This may sound complicated, and it probably is. That's why it's all automated. Making your blog post optimized for ranking in Google without you noticing it. That is, until the visitors come flooding in.


Online presence can be bought. Advertising is a highly effective method for getting visitors. When it comes to online advertising, Adwords is by far the most used option. That is why we've looked into options where Webanizr can support and improve.

Improving your Adwords campaigns is all about conversion. To determine conversion Adwords needs to know which ads resulted in new customers, registration or any other form of conversion. Webanizr sends a signal to Adwords everytime this happens, allowing Adwords to continuously optimize your campaigns.

In combination with the automatic boost of your campaigns by Adwords you'll be optimizing your campaigns yourself. To this end you need information and loads of it. Webanizr supports tracking with Google Analytics and Webanizr Analytics. Both with support for multiple formats like utm tags. No question will be unanswered with the combined power of these solutions.